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June 2018
Iowa Farmland Ownership and Tenure Survey 1982–2017: A Thirty-five Year Perspective
Wendong Zhang, Alejandro Plastina, Wendiam Sawadgo
[18-WP 580]

December 2016
Fuel Subsidy Pass-Through and Market Structure: Evidence from the Renewable Fuel Standard
Gabriel E. Lade, James Bushnell
[16-WP 570]

October 2016
Economic Effects of Standard-Like Nontariff Measures: Analytical and Methodological Dimensions
John C. Beghin, Bo Xiong
[16-WP 569]

TTIP and Agricultural Trade: The Case of Tariff Elimination and Pesticide Policy Cooperation
Bo Xiong, John C. Beghin
[16-WP 566]

November 2015
Trans-Pacific Partnership and Foreign Ag Subsidies
Dermot J. Hayes
[15-WP 559]

February 2015
Non-Tariff Measures and Standards in Trade and Global Value Chains
John C. Beghin, Miet Maertens, Johan Swinnen
[15-WP 554]

November 2014
The impact of an EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement on Biofuel and Feedstock Markets
John C. Beghin, Jean-Christophe Bureau, Alexandre Gohin
[14-WP 552]

May 2014
Endogenous Market Structure and the Cooperative Firm
Brent Hueth, GianCarlo Moschini
[14-WP 547]

November 2013
Disentangling Demand-Enhancing and Trade-Cost Effects of Maximum Residue Regulations
Bo Xiong, John C. Beghin
[13-WP 544]

Impact on Corn Prices from Reduced Biofuel Mandates
Bruce A. Babcock, Wei Zhou
[13-WP 543]

May 2013
The Impact of the U.S. Sugar Program Redux
John C. Beghin, Amani Elobeid
[13-WP 538]

Testimony before the US-China Economic Security Review Commission: China’s Agriculture Policy and US Access to China’s Market
Dermot J. Hayes
[13-WP 537]

September 2012
Second Response to Knittel and Smith
Dermot J. Hayes
[12-WP 532]

August 2012
Response to “Ethanol Production and Gasoline Prices: A Spurious Correlation” by Knittel and Smith
Dermot J. Hayes
[12-WP 529]

May 2012
Impact of Ethanol Production on U.S. and Regional Gasoline Markets: An Update to 2012, The
Xiaodong Du, Dermot J. Hayes
[12-WP 528]

November 2011
Economy Wide Impacts of a Foreign Animal Disease in the United States
Dermot J. Hayes, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Amani Elobeid, Miguel Carriquiry
[11-WP 525]

June 2011
Greenhouse Gas and Nitrogen Fertilizer Scenarios for U.S. Agriculture and Global Biofuels
Amani Elobeid, Miguel Carriquiry, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Kranti Mulik, Dermot J. Hayes, Bruce A. Babcock, Jerome Dumortier, Francisco Rosas
[11-WP 524]

April 2011
A Nonlinear Offset Program to Reduce Nitrous Oxide Emissions Induced by Excessive Nitrogen Application
Francisco Rosas, Bruce A. Babcock, Dermot J. Hayes
[11-WP 521]

World Fertilizer Model—The WorldNPK Model
Francisco Rosas
[11-WP 520]

December 2010
How Market Efficiency and the Theory of Storage Link Corn and Ethanol Markets
Mindy L. Mallory, Dermot J. Hayes, Scott H. Irwin
[10-WP 517]

October 2010
Effects of Credit Constraints on Productivity and Rural Household Income in China
Fengxia Dong, Jing Lu, Allen Featherstone
[10-WP 516]

September 2010
Modeling the Effects of Pasture Expansion on Emissions from Land-Use Change
Jerome Dumortier, Dermot J. Hayes, Miguel Carriquiry, Fengxia Dong, Xiaodong Du, Amani Elobeid, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Kranti Mulik
[10-WP 504]

July 2010
Impacts of the Economic Reform Program on the Performance of the Egyptian Agricultural Sector
Ibrahim Soliman, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Mohamed Gaber Amer, Siham Kandil
[10-WP 509]

World Market Impacts of High Biofuel Use in the European Union
Miguel Carriquiry, Fengxia Dong, Xiaodong Du, Amani Elobeid, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Ed Chavez, Suwen Pan
[10-WP 508]

March 2010
Review of Agricultural Policy Evolution, Agricultural Data Sources, and Food Supply and Demand Studies in Egypt, A
Ibrahim Soliman, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Halah Bassiony
[10-WP 506]

February 2010
Agricultural Land Elasticities in the United States and Brazil
Kanlaya J. Barr, Bruce A. Babcock, Miguel Carriquiry, Andre Nasser, Leila Harfuch
[10-WP 505]

January 2010
Production and Price Impact of Biotech Crops, The
Graham Brookes, Tun-Hsiang (Edward) Yu, Simla Tokgoz, Amani Elobeid
[10-WP 503]

Market Impact of Domestic Offset Programs
Tristan Brown, Amani Elobeid, Jerome Dumortier, Dermot J. Hayes
[10-WP 502]

July 2009
Sensitivity of Carbon Emission Estimates from Indirect Land-Use Change
Jerome Dumortier, Dermot J. Hayes, Miguel Carriquiry, Fengxia Dong, Xiaodong Du, Amani Elobeid, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Simla Tokgoz
[09-WP 493]

May 2009
Speculation and Volatility Spillover in the Crude Oil and Agricultural Commodity Markets: A Bayesian Analysis
Xiaodong Du, Cindy L. Yu, Dermot J. Hayes
[09-WP 491]

April 2009
Land-Use Credits to Corn Ethanol: Accounting for Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles as a Feed Substitute in Swine Rations
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[09-WP 489]

March 2009
Land Allocation Effects of the Global Ethanol Surge: Predictions from the International FAPRI Model
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, John C. Beghin, Fengxia Dong, Amani Elobeid, Simla Tokgoz, Tun-Hsiang (Edward) Yu
[09-WP 488]

Biofuels: Potential Production Capacity, Effects on Grain and Livestock Sectors, and Implications for Food Prices and Consumers
Dermot J. Hayes, Bruce A. Babcock, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Simla Tokgoz, Amani Elobeid, Tun-Hsiang (Edward) Yu, Fengxia Dong, Chad E. Hart, Ed Chavez, Suwen Pan, Miguel Carriquiry, Jerome Dumortier
[09-WP 487]

January 2009
Impact of Energy Markets on the EU Agricultural Sector, The
Simla Tokgoz
[09-WP 485]

Determinants of World Demand for U.S. Corn Seeds: The Role of Trade Costs
Sampath Jayasinghe, John C. Beghin, GianCarlo Moschini
[09-WP 484]

November 2008
Not All DDGS Are Created Equal: Nutrient-Profile-Based Pricing to Incentivize Quality
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[08-WP 481]

September 2008
Distillers Dried Grain Product Innovation and Its Impact on Adoption, Inclusion, Substitution, and Displacement Rates in a Finishing Hog Ration
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[08-WP 478]

August 2008
Farmer Participation, the Dairy Industry, and the Rise of Dairy Production in China
Jikun Huang, Yunhua Wu, Zhijian Yang, Scott Rozelle, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Fengxia Dong
[08-WP 476]

Egypt’s Household Expenditure Pattern: Does It Alleviate a Food Crisis?
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Ibrahim Soliman
[08-WP 475]

July 2008
The Food-Away-from-Home Consumption Expenditure Pattern in Egypt
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[08-WP 474]

April 2008
What Effect Does Free Trade in Agriculture Have on Developing Country Populations Around the World?
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[08-WP 466]

November 2007
Impact of the South Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement on the U.S. Livestock Sector
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Dermot J. Hayes, Fengxia Dong
[07-WP 455]

October 2007
Food Security and Biofuels Development: The Case of China
Fengxia Dong
[07-BP 52]

September 2007
Changing Diets in China’s Cities: Empirical Fact or Urban Legend?
Fengxia Dong, Frank H. Fuller
[06-WP 437]

June 2007
Are Standards Always Protectionist?
Stéphan Marette, John C. Beghin
[07-WP 450]

December 2006
Intra-Industry Trade, Multilateral Trade Integration, and Invasive Species Risk
Anh Tu, John C. Beghin
[06-WP 439]

Nontariff Barriers
John C. Beghin
[06-WP 438]

November 2006
Analysis of the Link between Ethanol, Energy, and Crop Markets, An
Simla Tokgoz, Amani Elobeid
[06-WP 435]

Long-Run Impact of Corn-Based Ethanol on the Grain, Oilseed, and Livestock Sectors: A Preliminary Assessment, The
Amani Elobeid, Simla Tokgoz, Dermot J. Hayes, Bruce A. Babcock, Chad E. Hart
[06-BP 49]

October 2006
Removal of U.S. Ethanol Domestic and Trade Distortions: Impact on U.S. and Brazilian Ethanol Markets
Amani Elobeid, Simla Tokgoz
[06-WP 427]

August 2006
How to Promote Quality Perception in Wine Markets: Brand Advertising or Geographical Indication?
Chengyan Yue, Stéphan Marette, John C. Beghin
[06-WP 426]

June 2006
U.S. Sugar Policy Options and Their Consequences under NAFTA and Doha
David Abler, John C. Beghin, David Blandford, Amani Elobeid
[06-WP 424]

April 2006
Westernization of the Asian Diet: The Case of Rising Wheat Consumption in Indonesia
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[06-WP 422]

March 2006
Quality and Competition: An Empirical Analysis across Industries
John M. Crespi, Stéphan Marette
[06-WP 420]

December 2005
U.S. Proposal for WTO Agriculture Negotiations: Its Impact on U.S. and World Agriculture
[05-WP 417]

Regulatory Choice between a Label and a Minimum-Quality Standard, The
Stéphan Marette
[05-WP 416]

November 2005
EU Enlargement and Technology Transfer to New Member States
Simla Tokgoz
[05-WP 414]

Tariff Equivalent of Technical Barriers to Trade with Imperfect Substitution and Trade Costs
Chengyan Yue, John C. Beghin, Helen H. Jensen
[05-WP 383]

October 2005
Inspection Intensity and Market Structure
Stéphan Marette
[05-WP 412]

Tariff Escalation and Invasive Species Risk
Anh Tu, John C. Beghin, Estelle Gozlan
[05-WP 407]

The Collective-Quality Promotion in the Agribusiness Sector: An Overview
Stéphan Marette
[05-WP 406]

September 2005
Common Labels and Market Mechanisms
Christine Boizot-Szantai, Sébastien Lecocq, Stéphan Marette
[05-WP 405]

Dairy Markets in Asia: An Overview of Recent Findings and Implications
John C. Beghin
[05-BP 47]

Multilateral Trade and Agricultural Policy Reforms in Sugar Markets
Amani Elobeid, John C. Beghin
[04-WP 356]

August 2005
Dairy Food Consumption, Production, and Policy in Japan
Isabelle Schluep Campo, John C. Beghin
[05-WP 401]

July 2005
Growing Demand for Animal-Protein-Source Products in Indonesia: Trade Implications
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[05-WP 400]

June 2005
Outlook for Asian Dairy Markets: The Role of Demographics, Income, and Prices, The
Fengxia Dong
[05-WP 399]

May 2005
Rapid Rise of China’s Dairy Sector: Factors Behind the Growth in Demand and Supply, The
Frank H. Fuller, Jikun Huang, Hengyun Ma, Scott Rozelle
[05-WP 394]

February 2005
Evaluating the Saskatchewan Short-Term Hog Loan Program
Donald Lien, David A. Hennessy
[05-WP 385]

Impact of the European Enlargement and Common Agricultural Policy Reforms on Agricultural Markets: Much Ado about Nothing? The
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, John C. Beghin, Fengxia Dong, Amani Elobeid, Frank H. Fuller, Holger Matthey, Simla Tokgoz, Eric Wailes
[05-WP 382]

November 2004
Urban Demand for Dairy Products in China: Evidence from New Survey Data
Frank H. Fuller, John C. Beghin, Scott Rozelle
[04-WP 380]

Rethinking Agricultural Domestic Support under the World Trade Organization
Chad E. Hart, John C. Beghin
[04-BP 43]

October 2004
Equilibrium and Efficient Land-Use Arrangements under Spatial Externality on a Lattice
Alexander E. Saak
[04-WP 376]

September 2004
Effects of Regional Trade Agreements on Trade in Agrifood Products: Evidence from Gravity Modeling Using Disaggregated Data
Sampath Jayasinghe, Rakhal Sarker
[04-WP 374]

Global Agricultural Liberalization: An In-Depth Assessment of What Is At Stake
Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, John C. Beghin
[04-WP 370]

July 2004
Technical and Scale Efficiencies for Chinese Rural Credit Cooperatives: A Bootstrapping Approach in Data Envelopment Analysis
Fengxia Dong, Allen Featherstone
[04-WP 366]

May 2004
Do Macroeconomic Shocks Impact the Economic Efficiency of Small Farmers? The Case of Wetland Rice Farmers in Indonesia
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Helen H. Jensen, Dong Yan
[04-WP 364]

Output Supply and Input Demand System of Commercial and Backyard Poultry Producers in Indonesia
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Helen H. Jensen, Dong Yan
[04-WP 363]

Spatial Production Concentration under Yield Risk and Risk Aversion
Alexander E. Saak
[04-WP 362]

April 2004
Challenges in Modeling the Effects of Trade Agreements on the Agricultural Sector
Patrick C. Westhoff, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, John C. Beghin, William H. Meyers
[04-WP 358]

December 2003
State Trading Enterprises in a Differentiated Environment: The Case of Global Malting Barley Markets
Fengxia Dong, Thomas L. Marsh, Kyle W. Stiegert
[03-WP 350]

November 2003
Spatial Arrangements of Externality Generating and Receiving Activities
Alexander E. Saak
[03-WP 348]

Groundnut Trade Liberalization: A South-South Debate?
John C. Beghin, Holger Matthey, Ndiame Diop, Mirvat Sewadeh
[03-WP 347]

September 2003
R&D Spillovers in Agriculture: Results from a Trade Model
Simla Tokgoz
[03-WP 344]

Modeling Tariff Rate Quotas in a Global Context: The Case of Sugar Markets in OECD Countries
Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, John C. Beghin, Don Mitchell
[03-WP 343]

July 2003
Spatial Production Concentration, Demand Uncertainty, and Multiple Markets
Alexander E. Saak
[03-WP 340]

Agricultural Trade and the Doha Round: Lessons from Commodity Studies
John C. Beghin, Ataman Aksoy
[03-BP 42]

May 2003
Modeling World Peanut Product Markets: A Tool for Agricultural Trade Policy Analysis
John C. Beghin, Holger Matthey
[03-WP 332]

Location, Planting Decisions, and the Marketing of Quality-Differentiated Agricultural Commodities
Alexander E. Saak
[03-WP 331]

January 2003
Calibration of Incomplete Demand Systems in Quantitative Analysis, The
John C. Beghin, Jean-Christophe Bureau, Sophie Drogué
[03-WP 324]

Cost-Based Model of Seasonal Production, with Application to Milk Policy, A
David A. Hennessy, Jutta Roosen
[03-WP 323]

China’s Cotton Policy and the Impact of China’s WTO Accession and Bt Cotton Adoption on the Chinese and U.S. Cotton Sectors
Cheng Fang, Bruce A. Babcock
[03-WP 322]

November 2002
Doha Round of the World Trade Organization: Appraising Further Liberalization of Agricultural Markets, The
Bruce A. Babcock, John C. Beghin, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Stephane De Cara, Amani Elobeid, Cheng Fang, Chad E. Hart, Murat Isik, Holger Matthey, Alexander E. Saak, Karen Kovarik, FAPRI Staff
[02-WP 317]

June 2002
Global Agricultural Trade and the Doha Round: What are the Implications for North and South?
John C. Beghin, David Roland-Holst, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
[02-WP 308]

Assessing the Impact of the Exchange Rate and Its Volatility on Canadian Pork and Live Swine Exports to the United States and Japan
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[02-WP 305]

May 2002
Assessing the Competitiveness of Indian Cotton Production: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach
Samarendu Mohanty, Cheng Fang, Jagadanand Chaudhary
[02-WP 301]

April 2002
Location and Marketing under Marketing Assistance Loan and Loan Deficiency Payment Programs
Alexander E. Saak
[02-WP 297]

February 2002
Identity Preservation and False Labeling in the Food Supply Chain
Alexander E. Saak
[02-WP 295]

U.S. Farm Policy and the World Trade Organization: How Do They Match Up?
Chad E. Hart, Bruce A. Babcock
[02-WP 294]

December 2001
Quantification of Sanitary, Phytosanitary, and Technical Barriers to Trade for Trade Policy Analysis
John C. Beghin, Jean-Christophe Bureau
[01-WP 291]

October 2001
Construction of a "Green Box" Countercyclical Program
Bruce A. Babcock, Chad E. Hart
[01-BP 36]

September 2001
Testing the Impact of Corporate Farming Restrictions on the Nebraska Hog Industry
Holger Matthey, Jeffrey S. Royer
[01-WP 285]

Food Security and Agricultural Protection in South Korea
John C. Beghin, Jean-Christophe Bureau, Sung Joon Park
[01-WP 284]

August 2001
Quality Signaling and International Trade in Food Products
Jean-Christophe Bureau, Estelle Gozlan, Stéphan Marette
[01-WP 283]

June 2001
Agricultural Trade Restrictiveness in the European Union and the United States
Jean-Christophe Bureau, Luca Salvatici
[01-WP 277]

China’s Accession to the WTO: What Is at Stake for Agricultural Markets?
Frank H. Fuller, John C. Beghin, Stephane De Cara, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Cheng Fang, Holger Matthey
[01-WP 276]

May 2001
Impact of a 10 Percent Decrease in Planted Acreage of All U.S. Program Crops
FAPRI Staff, Bruce A. Babcock, John C. Beghin, Frank H. Fuller, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Cheng Fang, Chad E. Hart, Holger Matthey, Stephane De Cara
[01-BP 33]

Implications of the WTO on the Redesign of U.S. Farm Policy
Chad E. Hart, Bruce A. Babcock
[01-BP 32]

March 2001
Cost of the U.S. Sugar Program Revisited, The
John C. Beghin, Barbara El Osta, Jay R. Cherlow, Samarendu Mohanty
[01-WP 273]

December 2000
Accession of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland to the European Union: Impacts on Agricultural Markets
Frank H. Fuller, John C. Beghin, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Samarendu Mohanty, Cheng Fang, Phillip Kaus
[00-WP 259]

November 2000
Re-evaluation of Welfare Changes during the Transition in Poland
Sonya Kostova Huffman, Stanley R. Johnson
[00-WP 255]

Bayesian Estimation of Technical Efficiency of a Single Input
Lyubov A. Kurkalova, Alicia L. Carriquiry
[00-WP 254]

October 2000
Food Self-Sufficiency, Comparative Advantage, and Agricultural Trade: A Policy Analysis Matrix for Chinese Agriculture
Cheng Fang, John C. Beghin
[99-WP 223]

New Aggregate and Source-Specific Pork Import Demand Elasticity for Japan: Implications to U.S. Exports
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Yekaterina S. Ukhova
[00-WP 253]

September 2000
Welfare-Improving Collusion in the Japanese Pork Import Market
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[00-WP 248]

August 2000
Environment and Trade in Developing Economies: A Primer for the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects 2001
John C. Beghin
[00-WP 247]

Urban Demand for Edible Oils and Fats in China: Evidence from Household Survey Data
Cheng Fang, John C. Beghin
[00-WP 245]

Outlook for Grain and Oilseed Export Shipments from the Upper Mississippi River Basin
John C. Beghin, Bruce A. Babcock, Robert E. Young II, Patrick C. Westhoff
[00-BP 30]

April 2000
What Do Livestock Feeders Want from Seed Corn Companies?
Dermot J. Hayes, Noah Wendt
[00-BP 29]

March 2000
U.S. Farm Policy and the Variability of Commodity Prices and Farm Revenues
Sergio H. Lence, Dermot J. Hayes
[00-WP 239]

December 1999
Optimal Chinese Agricultural Trade Patterns under the Laws of Comparative Advantage
Dermot J. Hayes, Frank H. Fuller
[99-WP 233]

Impact of the Berlin Accord and European Enlargement on Dairy Markets, The
Frank H. Fuller, John C. Beghin, Samarendu Mohanty, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Cheng Fang, Phillip Kaus
[99-WP 231]

November 1999
Market for U.S. Meat Exports in Eastern Canada, The
Dermot J. Hayes, Roxanne Clemens
[99-WP 229]

October 1999
Farm-Level Feed Demand in Turkey
Frank H. Fuller, A. Ali Koc, Haydar S. Sengul, Ahmet Bayaner
[99-WP 226]

Potential Market for Non-GMO Corn and Soybeans
Bruce A. Babcock, John C. Beghin
[99-BP 27]

Availability and Market Penetration of GMO Corn and Soybeans
Bruce A. Babcock, Michael D. Duffy, Robert Wisner
[99-BP 26]

September 1999
Double Dividend with Trade Distortions: Analytical Results and Evidence from Chile
John C. Beghin, Sebastien Dessus
[99-WP 225]

Whither Farm Policy?
Bruce A. Babcock
[99-BP 25]

June 1999
Eco-Labels and International Trade in Textiles
Wesley Nimon, John C. Beghin
[99-WP 221]

Analysis of the Berlin Accord Reforms of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy
Bruce A. Babcock, John C. Beghin, Samarendu Mohanty, Frank H. Fuller, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Sudhir Chaudhary, Phillip Kaus, Cheng Fang, Chad E. Hart, Karen Kovarik
[99-BP 24]

May 1999
Acreage Allocation Model Estimation and Policy Evaluations for Major Crops in Turkey
A. Ali Koc
[99-WP 220]

April 1999
Institutional Impact of GATT: An Examination of Market Integration and Efficiency in the World Beef and Wheat Market under the GATT Regime
Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[99-WP 218]

March 1999
Transition to Markets and the Environment: Effects of the Change in the Composition of Manufacturing Output
Tomislav Vukina, John C. Beghin, Ebru G. Solakoglu
[99-WP 216]

February 1999
Trade Integration, Environmental Degradation, and Public Health in Chile: Assessing the Linkages
John C. Beghin, Brad J. Bowland, Sebastien Dessus, David Roland-Holst, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
[99-WP 211]

Reconciling Chinese Meat Production and Consumption Data
Frank H. Fuller, Dermot J. Hayes, Darnell B. Smith
[99-WP 210]

Piecemeal Reform of Trade and Environmental Policy When Consumption Also Pollutes
Mark R. Metcalfe, John C. Beghin
[99-WP 209]

December 1998
Robust Estimates of Value of a Statistical Life for Developing Economies: An Application to Pollution and Mortality in Santiago
Brad J. Bowland, John C. Beghin
[99-WP 214]

Econometric Decomposition of Aggregate Data: Application to the EU-15 Average Cattle Slaughter Weight, An
V. Premakumar, Jacinto F. Fabiosa
[98-WP 205]

New General Conceptual Approach to Modeling the Livestock Sector: An Application to the Japanese Swine-Pork Sector, A
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Xiaoting Qi
[98-WP 204]

November 1998
Feed-Grain Consumption by Traditional Pork-Producing Households in China
Cheng Fang, Frank H. Fuller
[98-WP 203]

October 1998
China’s Rural and Urban Household Survey Data: Collection, Availability, and Problems
Cheng Fang, Eric Wailes, Gail Cramer
[98-WP 202]

September 1998
Strategic Behavior, Institutional Change, and the Future of Agriculture
Stanley R. Johnson
[98-WP 199]

August 1998
Trends in Sudanese Cereal Production, Consumption, and Trade
Ali H. Abdelrahman
[98-WP 198]

Sugar Policy Reform in the Republic of Turkey
A. Ali Koc, Frank H. Fuller
[98-WP 197]

Welfare Reducing Trade and Optimal Trade Policy
E. Kwan Choi, Hamid Beladi
[98-WP 196]

July 1998
Impact of Chinese Accession to the World Trade Organization on U.S. Meat and Feed-Grain Producers
Frank H. Fuller, Dermot J. Hayes
[98-WP 195]

June 1998
KRAM - A Sector Model of Danish Agriculture: Background and Framework Development
Torben Wiborg
[98-WP 193]

April 1998
State Trading Companies, Time Inconsistency, Imperfect Enforceability and Reputation
Tigran A. Melkonian, Stanley R. Johnson
[98-WP 192]

China’s Role in World Livestock and Feed-Grain Markets
Dermot J. Hayes
[98-BP 18]

March 1998
FAPRI Analysis of the Proposed ‘Agenda 2000’ European Union CAP Reforms
William H. Meyers, Abner W. Womack, Dermot J. Hayes, Darnell B. Smith, Samarendu Mohanty, Sudhir Chaudhary, Steven L. Elmore, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Frank H. Fuller, Chad E. Hart, Karen Kovarik
[98-WP 191]

December 1997
Toward a Theory of Food and Agriculture Policy Intervention for a Developing Economy with Particular Reference to Nigeria
Gbolagade B. Ayoola
[97-WP 187]

Is There a Latin-American Debt Crisis Building Up in Eastern Europe? A Comparative Analysis
Dagney Faulk, Marcelo M. Giugale
[97-WP 186]

Informality, Size, and Regulation: Theory and an Application to Egypt
Marcelo M. Giugale, Sherif El-Diwany
[97-WP 185]

July 1997
Estimation of Demand for Wheat by Classes for the United States and the European Union
Samarendu Mohanty, E. Wesley F. Peterson, Darnell B. Smith
[97-WP 181]

June 1997
Government Intervention and Trends in the Indian Oilseeds Sector: An Analysis of Alternative Policy Scenarios
Sudhir Chaudhary
[97-WP 179]

April 1997
World Trade Impacts of Foot and Mouth Disease in Taiwan
Frank H. Fuller, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, V. Premakumar
[97-BP 16]

March 1997
Measurement of Government Intervention: A Comparison of Alternative Concepts
Virender Gautam, Sudhir Chaudhary, James R. Prescott, Darnell B. Smith
[97-WP 177]

Impact of EEP Removal on U.S. Wheat, The
FAPRI Staff, William H. Meyers, Darnell B. Smith, Dermot J. Hayes, Samarendu Mohanty, Steven L. Elmore, James Rude, Frank H. Fuller, V. Premakumar, Sudhir Chaudhary
[97-BP 15]

Chinese Market for U.S. Pork Exports, The
Dermot J. Hayes, Roxanne Clemens
[97-BP 14]

January 1997
Empirical Estimation of the Probability of Agricultural Subsidies for Wheat, An
Sudhir Chaudhary, Virender Gautam
[97-WP 176]

Consumer and Producer Influences in Agricultural Policy Formulation: Some Empirical Evidence
Virender Gautam, Sudhir Chaudhary, Darnell B. Smith
[97-WP 175]

December 1996
Feasibility of Broiler Production in Iowa, The
Dermot J. Hayes
[96-BP 13]

Production Flexibility Contract Payments: Fiscal Year 1996
Darnell B. Smith, Steven L. Elmore
[96-BP 12]

November 1996
Reexamination of Price Dynamics in the International Wheat Market, A
Samarendu Mohanty, William H. Meyers, Darnell B. Smith
[96-WP 171]

Producer Subsidy Equivalents and Evaluation of Support to Russian Agricultural Producers
Sergei Strokov, William H. Meyers
[96-WP 168]

August 1996
Computing Average Per Acre Indemnity Payments for Corn in Iowa
Chad E. Hart, Darnell B. Smith
[96-WP 163]

June 1996
Effects of Soybean Protein Changes on Major Agricultural Markets, The
V. Premakumar, Paul Gallagher
[96-WP 160]

Using Income Classes to Estimate Consumption Parameters for Food Policy Analysis
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Samarendu Mohanty, Darnell B. Smith, William H. Meyers
[96-WP 159]

March 1996
Estimating the Costs of MPCI Under the 1994 Crop Insurance Reform Act
Chad E. Hart, Darnell B. Smith
[96-WP 158]

Rural/Urban Residence Location Choice
Tubagus Feridhanusetyawan, Maureen Kilkenny
[96-WP 157]

Firm Relocation Threats and Copy Cat Costs
Darin Wohlgemuth, Maureen Kilkenny
[95-WP 142]

February 1996
Law of One Price in International Commodity Markets: A Fractional Cointegration Analysis
Samarendu Mohanty, Darnell B. Smith, E. Wesley F. Peterson, William H. Meyers
[96-WP 155]

Time Series Evidence of Relationships Between U.S. and Canadian Wheat Prices
Samarendu Mohanty, Darnell B. Smith, E. Wesley F. Peterson
[96-WP 154]

Support Prices as Policy Tools in Dairy Industry: Issues in Theoretical Modeling
V. Premakumar, Sudhir Chaudhary
[96-WP 151]

January 1996
Allais Measure of Production Sector Waste Due to Quotas, An
Lilyan E. Fulginiti, Richard K. Perrin
[96-WP 146]

Pork Production in Iowa: An Industry at a Crossroads
Dermot J. Hayes, Daniel M. Otto, John D. Lawrence
[96-BP 10]

November 1995
Measurement of Welfare Change: A Review
Zuhair A. Hassan
[95-WP 141]

September 1995
Estimating the Costs of Revenue Assurance
Feng Xu, Chad E. Hart, Darnell B. Smith, William H. Meyers
[95-WP 140]

August 1995
Agriculture and Agribusiness Reform in the CEE Nations and NIS: Issues and Opportunities
Stanley R. Johnson
[95-WP 139]

Meat Exports or Soybean Exports? An Iowa Perspective
Dermot J. Hayes
[95-BP 9]

May 1995
FAPRI Examination of Farm Bill Alternatives
William H. Meyers, Darnell B. Smith
[95-BP 8]

April 1995
Transport Costs and Rural Development
Maureen Kilkenny
[95-WP 133]

February 1995
Net Returns of Alternative Crops on Flood-Prone Land: Louisa County, Iowa, and Saline County, Missouri
John Kruse, Paul D. Mitchell, Aziz Bouzaher, Darnell B. Smith
[95-WP 132]

Renewing CRP: Results from a Study of Alternative Targeting Criteria
Bruce A. Babcock, P. G. Lakshminarayan, JunJie Wu
[95-BP 6]

January 1995
Uruguay Round of GATT: Potential Opportunities for Egypt, The
Karen Oerter, William H. Meyers
[95-WP 128]

October 1994
FAPRI U.S. Crops Model: Review and Suggestions, The
John Kruse, Chad E. Hart
[94-WP 124]

September 1994
Oil Prices and Agricultural Policy in Iran
Ahmad Yazdanpanah
[94-WP 123]

May 1994
Agreement on Agriculture in the Uruguay Round of GATT, The
Zuhair A. Hassan
[94-WP 121]

Agriculture, Conservation, and the Environment: A Unified Policy
Chad E. Hart, Darnell B. Smith
[94-BP 3]

March 1994
Alternative Policy Options to Address Agricultural Instability
Chad E. Hart, Darnell B. Smith, William H. Meyers
[94-BP 2]

February 1994
Estimating Changes in Planted Acreage in Iowa Throughout the Planting Season
John Kruse, Darnell B. Smith
[94-WP 119]

December 1993
Implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement for Long-term Adjustment in U.S.-Mexican Beef Production and Trade
Bryan Melton, Wallace Huffman
[93-WP 118]

October 1993
1993 Iowa Agricultural Disaster Preliminary Estimates
Darnell B. Smith, John Kruse, Robert Wisner, Daniel M. Otto
[93-BP 1]

May 1993
Implications of the GATT Agreement for Iowa
John Kruse
[94-BP 5]

November 1992
Relationship Between Technical Efficiency and Farm Characteristics in the Stavropol Region, The
Karl D. Skold, Victor N. Popov
[92-WP 101]

August 1992
Reliability and Robustness in Yield and Input Elasticities for Wetland Rice in Java
T. Kesavan, Frederick C. Roche, Bambang Adinugroho
[92-WP 96]

May 1992
Theory and Measurement of Producer Response under Quotas, The
Lilyan E. Fulginiti, Richard K. Perrin
[92-WP 94]

September 1991
Price and Income Policies for Food and Agricultural Products in the Baltics
William H. Meyers, Natalija Kazlauskiene
[91-WP 77]

August 1990
Responsiveness of Compound Feed Prices in the European Community to Changes in Feed Input Prices
Ludo Peters
[90-WP 66]

July 1990
Technical Efficiency in Crop Production: An Application to the Stavropol Regions, USSR
Karl D. Skold, Victor N. Popov
[90-WP 64]

June 1990
EC Feed Grain Spatial Equilibrium Model for Policy Analysis, An
Ludo Peters
[90-WP 61]

May 1990
Impacts and Incidence of Agricultural Commodity Programs
E. Kwan Choi, Stanley R. Johnson
[90-WP 55]

Integration of Alternative Information Systems: An Application to the Hogs and Pigs Report, The
Karl D. Skold, Stanley R. Johnson
[90-WP 51]

December 1989
Impact of the U.S. Export Enhancement Program on the World Wheat Market, The
H. G. Brooks, S. Devadoss, William H. Meyers
[89-WP 46]

July 1989
Commodity Program Reform and the Structure of U.S. Agriculture
William H. Meyers, Patrick C. Westhoff
[89-WP 44]

April 1989
Commodity Market Outlook and Trade Implications Indicated by FAPRI Analysis
William H. Meyers, S. Devadoss, Bruna Angel
[89-WP 42]

November 1988
Reducing Disharmonies in the U.S. Crops and Dairy Sectors
William H. Meyers, Patrick C. Westhoff, Karl D. Skold, Satheesh V. Aradhyula
[88-WP 37]

Agricultural Market Outlook and Sensitivity to Macroeconomic, Productivity, and Policy Changes
Stanley R. Johnson, William H. Meyers, Patrick C. Westhoff, Abner W. Womack
[88-WP 36]

September 1988
Analysis of Corn and Soybean Supply Response to Changing Government Programs, An
Karl D. Skold, Patrick C. Westhoff
[88-WP 34]

July 1988
Risk Behavior and Rational Expectations in the U.S. Broiler Market
Satheesh V. Aradhyula, Matthew T. Holt
[88-WP 33]

May 1988
Dynamic Elasticities and Flexibilities in a Quarterly Model of the U.S. Pork Sector
Karl D. Skold, Matthew T. Holt
[88-WP 32]

GARCH Time Series Models: An Application to Retail Livestock Prices
Satheesh V. Aradhyula, Matthew T. Holt
[88-WP 29]

Bounded Price Variation, Rational Expectations, and Endogenous Switching in the U.S. Corn Market
Matthew T. Holt, Stanley R. Johnson
[88-WP 28]

April 1988
Policy Scenarios with the FAPRI Commodity Models
Stanley R. Johnson, William H. Meyers, FAPRI Staff
[88-WP 41]

Dynamics and Long-run Structure in U.S. Meat Demand
T. Kesavan, Zuhair A. Hassan, Helen H. Jensen, Stanley R. Johnson
[88-WP 38]

March 1988
Economywide Effects of a Multilateral Trade Liberalization in Agriculture by Industrialized Market Economies on Canada, Japan, and the European Communities
Klaus Frohberg
[88-WP 40]

Impact of Technical Progress in Milk Production, The
Klaus Frohberg
[88-WP 27]

January 1988
Application of the Computable General Equilibrium Model to Analyze U.S. Ariculture, An
Satheesh V. Aradhyula, K. Eswaramoorthy, Klaus Frohberg
[88-WP 26]

June 1987
Demand Systems from Cross Section Data: An Experiment for Indonesia
Tesfaye Teklu, Stanley R. Johnson
[87-WP 24]

Structural Change in Meat Demand: The End of the "Chicken Little" Era
Stanley R. Johnson
[87-WP 22]

Future Challenges in Agricultural Export Marketing
William H. Meyers
[87-WP 21]

Farm Economies of the Plains: A Comment
William H. Meyers
[87-WP 20]

May 1987
Demand Uncertainty and Price Stabilization
E. Kwan Choi, Stanley R. Johnson
[87-WP 23]

February 1987
Emerging Trade Policy Issues: The Hard Choices
William H. Meyers
[86-WP 3]

January 1987
Discriminating Rational Expectations Models with Non-Nested Hypothesis Testing: An Application to the Beef Industry
Satheesh V. Aradhyula, Stanley R. Johnson
[87-WP 19]

December 1986
U.S. Export Disposal Policy for Wheat and Corn Stocks: A Quantitative Analysis for 1977-78 to 1984-85, An
William H. Meyers, S. Devadoss, Michael D. Helmar
[86-WP 18]

November 1986
Macroeconomic Impacts on the U.S. Agricultural Sector: A Quantitative Analysis for 1980-84
William H. Meyers, Michael D. Helmar, S. Devadoss, Robert E. Young II, David Blandford
[86-WP 17]

Nonneutral Effects of Money Supply on Farm and Industrial Product Prices
S. Devadoss, William H. Meyers
[86-WP 16]

July 1986
Soybean Import Demand in Taiwan: Economic Growth and Policy Impacts
Rhung-Jieh Woo, Peter H. Calkins, William H. Meyers
[86-WP 8]

Study of Productivity Changes on Individual Crops, A
Chang-Fu Wanglian, Arne Hallam
[86-WP 7]

Incorporation of Fixed-Flexible Exchange Rates in Econometric Trade Models: A Grafted Polynomial Approach
Zong-Shin Liu, S. Devadoss, William H. Meyers
[86-WP 6]

Doable General Equilibrium Models: Comments on Three Papers Presented to the AAEA Summer Meetings 1986
Stanley R. Johnson
[86-WP 14]

EC Trade Liberalization and World Trade in Feed Grains: A Comparison and A Criticism
Aniss Bahrenian, William H. Meyers
[86-WP 13]

Supply Dynamics in the U.S. Hog Industry
Matthew T. Holt, Stanley R. Johnson
[86-WP 12]

Dairy Policy: An Analysis of the U.S. Dairy Industry through 1995
David R. Krog, Satheesh V. Aradhyula
[86-WP 11]

Exchange Rates, Trade Deficits, and U.S. Prices
S. Devadoss, William H. Meyers, Stanley R. Johnson
[86-WP 10]

June 1986
Monetary Policies, Interest Rates, and U.S. Agriculture: An Economic Simulation Analysis
S. Devadoss, William H. Meyers
[86-WP 5]

May 1986
Measuring Foreign Supply Response to Changes in U.S. Prices: An Argentine Example
Patrick C. Westhoff
[86-WP 9]

Baseline Projections, Yield Impacts, and Trade Liberalization Impacts for Soybeans, Wheat, and Feed Grains: A FAPRI Trade Model Analysis
William H. Meyers, S. Devadoss, Michael D. Helmar
[86-WP 2]

U.S. Export Response to Prices and the Impacts of Trade Liberalization, The: A Regional Trade Model Analysis
William H. Meyers, S. Devadoss, Michael D. Helmar
[86-WP 15]

January 1986
Money, Inflation, and Relative Prices: Implications for U.S. Agriculture
Barry Falk, S. Devadoss, William H. Meyers
[86-WP 1]

May 1985
Agricultural Policy and Financial Stress
Michael D. Boehlje, R. Thamodaran, Alan D. Barkema
[85-WP 2]

April 1984
Econometric Simulation Model for Analyzing the Use of Funds in Corn Belt Agriculture: An Application of Pure Random Coefficient Technique, An
R. Thamodaran, Earl O. Heady, Raymond J. Schatzer
[84-WP 7]

October 1983
Future Crop Prices and Quantities: Influence of Alternative Crop Yields
Raymond J. Schatzer, Burton C. English, Earl O. Heady
[83-WP 8]

June 1983
Tatonnement Model for Determining Future Market Prices and Quantities for some U.S. Crops, A
Raymond J. Schatzer, Burton C. English, Earl O. Heady
[83-WP 3]

August 1982
Macro Implications of a Complete Transformation of U.S. Agricultural Production to Organic Farming Practices
James A. Langley, Earl O. Heady, Kent D. Olson
[82-WP 9]

Livestock Sector Submodel, The: A Description of Coefficient and Activity Development
Stanley Schraufnagel, Burton C. English, K. Eswaramoorthy
[82-WP 5]

February 1982
Analysis of Demand and Supply for some U.S. Crops through Tatonnement Modeling
Raymond J. Schatzer, Burton C. English, Earl O. Heady
[82-WP 12]

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