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Collaborating Universities

University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas and FAPRI at Missouri and Iowa State have developed and are further refining models of the United States and world rice sectors. This research in the United States is directed toward development of regional and state production models, with demand handled at the national level. On an international basis, the project looks at the major importers and exporters in an attempt to identify possible market opportunities and challenges.

Texas A&M University

Joint research conducted by FAPRI at Missouri and the Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC) at Texas A&M involves the development and operation of regionalized models that reflect farming characteristics in several locations in the U.S. Through the use of these Representative Farm models, this research is able to transform national program consequences estimated by FAPRI into regional farm models in order to further clarify local implications of different farm program strategies.

Arizona State University

Through the combined efforts of FAPRI at Missouri and the National Food and Agricultural Policy Project (NFAPP) at Arizona State University, a series of structural econometric models of the United States fruit and vegetable industry, in an international setting, are being developed. This project will help to further clarify the interaction of this industry with the overall food and fiber sector. In addition, this research will be able to quantify land area and variable production costs to ensure cross commodity substitution between and within the fruits and vegetables sector plus across other crops in the FAPRI modeling system.

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